Chad M. Wilson

Chad Wilson is a former fifth grade teacher turned IT consultant. His involvement with children did not stop after teaching in the classroom but continued on through coaching soccer, scouting, and a specialty education toy store named Brainstorm. Chad and his wife, Margaret, started Brainstorm to give back to their community and support those around them. When not at the computer, Chad can be found in the outdoors. This time is very precious to him and is often shared with his four children. His passion for the environment has been visible since he was a small child romping through the North Woods of Michigan. You will find a part of his life in his poems, songs, and writings, including his very first novel Vintalair. Each work of art leans on its characters and ability to reach into the hearts of its audience. Often quoting two phrases – “Observation is the key to life” and “Overcome, adapt, improvise” – Chad has chosen these words to live by.